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September 1 - November 1

In the four years since Volumes opened, they’ve prided themselves on creating a community hub for the residents of Wicker Park and beyond. Recently, opening a store in 900 grew Volumes even more in the downtown Chicago area, launching a wonderful Storytime in the downtown neighborhood. They’ve watched your children grow, your families grow, and your careers/education change and evolve. They’ve shared intimate stories and you’ve shared them back.

A bookstore world feels a lot like a family, and Volumes is proud of the family they’ve helped bring together.


From Volumes:

We are so thankful for all of the support you’ve shown us not just in the last few weeks, but in all the years we have been lucky enough to know you. We are thankful for the book and puzzle buying you’ve done in recent weeks to help us pay staff and some bills. However, we’ve done the math (over and over and over again), and the truth of the matter is, that can’t sustain us to pay rents, staff, bills from vendors to supply those books and puzzles, taxes, and all of the other bills that sit unpaid on our desk for the books and gifts that sit idle on our shelves.

While we have been busy applying to all of the grants and things that we can, it is a bit like gambling, and when we are already in a precarious position with a new landlord (purchased in Fall of  2019) made even more precarious at this juncture. Our new landlord is from New York and we are sensing (more than sensing, really) that they have little interest in keeping us in the space as well as any interest in our place in the Wicker Park community.  If we have to move, we will move, but in the meantime we need to figure out a way to just reopen when the time comes.

We want to be here forever. We want to see your smiling faces at our monthly farmer’s market bookswaps, at school author events, at book fairs and author signings. We intend to laugh again at our monthly You Joke Like A Girl, and hear some killer new poetry and stories at our Open Mics, Pour One Out and beyond.

We miss all of the littles at storytime. We miss their hugs and their giggles and terrifying glitter-glued hands. We miss conversations about coffee or over coffee. We miss making your special drinks without you having to ask. We miss the engagements, the weddings, and the book launches for local authors we truly adore. We want another year of Finding Where’s Waldo all over the neighborhood, and we want all of those businesses that hide Waldos every year to be here, too! We miss talking about BOOKS all day every day, and our staff arguing over who gets to read a new book next.

In short, we miss all of you. We love you, and we realize this is not a fun thing to have to ask. We also know we are wary of taking on more debt, as we have already cashed in every cent we’ve ever earned to keep this dream bookstore life.

In the meantime, we are still taking orders. We are still getting puzzles. We are still here to chat. We will have more online events and book clubs and all the rest here soon. This has all been A LOT and we are doing our very best just to keep our heads above water.


Start: September 1
End: November 1


Venue Name: Volumes Bookstore
Address: Level 5


Organizer Name: Volumes Bookstore
Phone: 312-846-6750