What Is “I Am Chicago”?

To portray the power of passion & innovation embodied by those who keep this city beating. To feature dynamic Chicagoans representing the pulse of 900 North Michigan Shops within this magnificent city.

Home to a curated collection of 70 Shops, 7 Restaurants on 7 Levels, 900 North Michigan Shops has been home to luxury shopping, Chicago locals, U.S travelers & international tourists for more than 25 years. Entering its third decade on Michigan Avenue, 900 North Michigan Shops has decided to take their 2016/18 national ad campaign in a direction that many may not expect. On April 5, they hosted a casting call to select a collection of Chicago locals to be the face of their iconic building for the next 2 years. They sought out those who have a true affinity for the city, those who are an innovative force behind the scenes and are here to be the game changers.

900 North Michigan Shops is housed within an iconic 67-story building on Michigan Avenue’s Magnificent Mile. The building’s Chicago roots are deeper than most would expect. They have the shopping mecca of Bloomingdale’s, along with fashion power houses such as Gucci and MaxMara, staples such as J.Crew and Club Monaco, but they also host more than 30 local boutiques. This is what sets them apart. This is the foundation they were built on. The Chicago Tribune said it best in 1988, “A retail giant and tiny shops spice up the mix.”

“We are Chicago, because we are made by the people of Chicago. From our owners to our retailers to our shoppers to our residents to our neighbors, the affinity for this city surges through our doors every day. In anticipation of our 30th anniversary in September of 2018, we are proud to launch a two year campaign that shines light on fourteen individuals that embody this same energy throughout the city of Chicago. This is not a campaign just meant to be viewed. It’s a campaign meant to come alive.” – Stacy Kolios, Senior Director of Marketing, 900 North Michigan Shops