Kimberly Evetts: Spring 2017 Campaign

Luxury Realtor

Kimberly has extensive knowledge of the Downtown Luxury Real Estate market. In 2006, Kimberly moved to Chicago with high hopes and dreams to become established. When she realized sales were not her thing, she moved to the hospitality industry where she met thousands of people, familiarized herself with customer service, and learned how to work with some of the most motivated people in Chicago. At the age of 30, Kimberly transitioned to the position of Executive Assistant at a small Real Estate boutique in Downtown Chicago. Eventually, after getting her broker’s license, Kimberly had the city in the palm of her hand. Going on four years of experience in the Real Estate market, Kimberly has a passion not only for her career, but also for being a spokeswoman for all animals in need. Rescuing a puppy herself, it has been an ongoing mission to push the “adopt – don’t shop” method and find these helpless animals warm homes with loving hands. That’s when she decided to join, and was elected, to be a part of the Realtors to the Rescue.