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J. Toor

Level: 3
Phone: (312) 291-8249
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 12pm-6pm


J.TOOR is a Chicago-based design studio that specializes in fashion-forward bespoke menswear.

A speakeasy for the sartorial gentleman, our personalized shopping experience will take you back to the nostalgic days – when men were effortlessly dapper and attention to the finishing details was standard. Our designs take the otherwise ‘conservative’ nature of bespoke menswear and brings it into the modern age. We take classic styling cues and infuse them with modern cuts, rich colors and creative details. Each garment is then made from scratch and cut from premium fabrics – each designed to fit your personal style and specific measurements.  Browse our current designs or schedule a fitting with us.  Private consultations starts with a glass of whiskey over a conversation about your personal style and ends with bespoke garments meticulously designed and tailored for you. No secret passwords are needed here – stop by the 3rd floor of the 900 Shops or visit to schedule an appointment.