The 900 Self-Park Garage features 1,330 parking spaces conveniently attached to the 900 North Michigan Shops at 911 North Rush Street. The garage may be entered from Rush Street northbound or from Walton Street westbound.

Day Rate

$ 11.00
Exclusive Online Rate
  • 3 Hours Or Less

Night Rate

$ 10.00
Exclusive Online Rate
  • 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Hotel Rate

$ 35.00
Exclusive Online Rate
  • Per 24 Hours, In/Out Service
1 Hour or Less$22.00
2 Hours or Less$25.00
3 Hours or Less$30.00
4 Hours or Less$31.00
10 Hours or Less$34.00
24 Hours or Less$50.00
Monthly Rates$315/Month

Shopping Validation: $15.00 for customers who park for 3 hours or less and spend $10 or more from any retailer within 900 North Michigan Shops.  Please ask store associate for a validation ticket.

Early Bird Special (Mon-Fri):
$16.00 for customers who park between 5:00am – 10:00am and leave before 7:00pm

Special Evening Rate: $7.00 for customers who park after 5:00pm and leave before 2:00am. Customers must spend $10 or more from any retailer within 900 North Michigan Shops. Please ask store associate or Concierge for a validation ticket.

900 Valet Park Available. Please enter eastbound on Delaware Place.

Monthly Parking Rates. $315/month.

As an amenity to our “green conscious” visitors, 900 North Michigan has installed ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations, which are plug-in hybrid car chargers. Located on the 1st Floor of the parking garage.

For additional information please phone the 900 North Michigan Shops Self-Park at (312) 915-3940 or email