Aster Hall is hiring for a front of house team member, bartender, barista, line cooks, and dishwasher.

Brendan Sodikoff’s Aster Hall does the impossible by making a food court fun.   Located on the Magnificent Mile on three levels of 900 North Michigan Shops, Aster Hall combines Hogsalt’s greatest hits (burgers, coffee, , BBQ, ramen) with new concepts to deliver 16 different cuisines in a stylish and friendly atmosphere.


Bloomingdale’s is always looking for talented people to be a part of the Bloomingdale’s family.

Bloomingdale’s mission is to make themselves like no other store in the world.

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Let’s cook together! Sur La Table is hiring for seasonal culinary positions to support our Kids & Teens Summer Series. If you want awesome coworkers, a great discount and flexible hours, visit your store for an on-the-spot interview. For more information, visit

Bonobos is seeking Guides who are customer obsessed, fit-focused, incentive driven, sales powerhouses. Guides bring their knowledge to the forefront and complete the package deal with their love for style, passion for quality, and insistence on top tier service.

(1) Lead Guide (Full Time) – Apply here:—full-time/40c971f2-d490-4290-88d9-9782e6284bfb

(2) Guide (Part Time) – Apply here:—part-time/59f57213-4f04-4a2d-bcf8-a3630a37db08 

900 North Michigan Shops is a visually stunning shopping destination residing on the north end of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.