Containing Multitudes: A Printed Perspective

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Containing Multitudes: A Printed Perspective

April 15

“Containing Multitudes: A Printed Perspective” is a one-day art show that celebrates print as an alternative, physical medium to the digital forms of visual communication that dominate our lives today, and featuring those perspectives on large scale immersive digital art screens. The show features a diverse selection of artworks by emerging and established artists, including risograph animations, zine sales, and prints, alongside music and beverage offerings. Our goal is to showcase the power and beauty of print, promote emerging artists, and create a fun, inclusive, and engaging experience for all attendees. Through this event, we hope to encourage dialogue, reflection, and appreciation for the art of print, and highlight its continued relevance and importance in our digital age.

Zine and Print Market: 3-5pm

Artist Panel: 5-6pm

Reception: 6-8pm

900 North Michigan Shops is a visually stunning shopping destination residing on the north end of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.