Nature inspired, four artists were commissioned to create bespoke art installations at 900 using various mediums with the theme of “flora & fauna”, as an extension to evoke escapism from the rigors of the built environment, and a return to nature. Gilded thresholds into elevator banks welcome you to feel surrounded by manicured nature with a cultivated garden experience that is comfortable yet luxurious. We invite you to explore these unexpected installations and appreciate what others may just pass by. These curated installations highlight a wide range of substrates, including, MDPE, brass, acrylic, fabric, and resin. The result is a sophisticated layering of visual textures, that are tied together in both color scheme and design concept. Installations are located on Level 1, 2, 5, 6.

Ground Level


Artist: Crystal Hodges | All Kinds Studio, Chicago, IL

Mediums: Dimensional coral pieces, white plaster fanned, pin-mounted to wall featuring ambient back lighting.

Inspiration: All Kinds Studio was inspired by the beauty of living coral and the bleaching of coral reefs due to climate change. They immortalized coral shapes in acrylic using laser cutting technology. If this project ever gets taken down and disposed of, the acrylic can be recycled and kept out of the landfill and our shared oceans. The result is an ethereal, elegant coral installation. 

Level 2

glossed FISH


Artist: Przemyslaw Kordys | PK, Atlanta, GA

Mediums: Fish scale tile wall: in glossy & matte white ceramic tile with radiant gold accents sign
Inspiration: PK Collaborated with the design team using the fish scale design theme, to create a beautiful, elegant piece using soft whites and pops of gold. His skilled craftsmanship, fabrication, and installation make this installation come to life. 


Brass & Acrylic Cloud

Artist: Crystal Hodges | All Kinds Studio, Chicago, IL

Mediums: Dandelion mobile: Polyhedron brass mobile suspended, arrayed with translucent acrylic rods
Inspiration: All Kinds Studio was excited to explore the mix of materials and fabrication techniques that would allow this brass and acrylic sculpture to come together. They were able to use techniques such as welding and laser cutting, to bring this complex cloud sculpture to life, which fostered their desire to grow and learn as a team.

level 6

bursted Flower


Artist: Linsey Rosen | Anew Company, Chicago, IL

Mediums: Fiberglass feather discs, arranged in varied dimensional bouquets that burst off the wall
Inspiration: Anew Company has a passion for giving discarded material a new life. This piece is created with previously loved clothing & recycled Four Seasons sheets gone feathers, an ode to those items via the movement of birds and the wind they glide through. 

900 North Michigan Shops is a visually stunning shopping destination residing on the north end of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.